In the fall of 2013, I lost my warrior to Alzheimer's Disease. My grandfather, Pastor James May dedicated his life to being a minister, educator, and philanthropist. He attained three degrees as a young man, and soon opened Liberty School of Christian Education, a school that aimed to provide enriching and affordable education to students ranging from preschool to high school. Liberty was housed within his church, Woodlawn Baptist Church where he would touch lives every Sunday. The church was his happy place, and during low points of his disease, he would behave as if he was giving a sermon on a Sunday morning.

It wasn't easy seeing such a well versed man who had countless stamps in his passport, and always quick witted deteriorate essentially to nothing. The most devastating aspect of this situation, is that there is no cure for Alzheimer's or dementia.

I made a conscious decision to use my grandfather's passing as a platform for advocacy. In 2014, I secured a Fox News segment to encourage my entire state of Illinois to join myself and the Alzheimer's Association to lobby in Springfield with our state representatives to pass the Silver Act (ensures that Alzheimer's and Dementia patients return home safely by the hands of the police).

One day, we will see an end to this disease, but until then I will continue to allow my voice to be heard in order to speak on behalf of individuals and families affected by Alzheimer's and various dementias.

To all those affected, know that I empathize with you and that you arein my prayers.

I walk to end Alzheimer's! #ENDALZ