Slay with No Bae

Finding yourself single this Valentine’s Day? There’s absolutely no reason that you can’t still slay without bae! Here are six ways to be single AF while having a bomb Valentine's Day.  


1. Remember that it’s just a day.

Yes, Valentine's Day has grown into a nationally recognized occasion, but that does NOT make it a holiday. The banks aren't closed (well they will be this year since V-Day is landing on a Sunday) and Michelle isn't hosting a "Find Cupid" Waldo style hunt at the White House. Placing things into perspective can not only ease the sting of not having a significant other, but it also opens up SO many opportunities and activities that you can do solo or with a group of friends. Everything isn't automatically "singles only" just because it's the 14th ya know? Therefore, chill, breathe, and enjoy your weekend!


2. Celebrate all of the bomb things about yourself.

You don't need someone else to validate your self worth or lovable assets on a specified day of the calendar. Spend the day indulging in something that showcases your talent and/or genuinely makes you happy. Being single gives you the rare opportunity to delve into some self reflection and appreciation for all things that are great about you. Now go recognize and celebrate all of those wonderful qualities you beautiful human being!

3. Realize that you aren't the only person single on Valentine's Day.

As difficult as it might be to believe with the swarms of couples celebrating around you, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON SINGLE ON VALENTINE'S DAY (say it with me, and repeat that to yourself as many times as you deem necessary). Being single is a season, not a life sentence..well unless you want it to be (you do you boo!). Use this time to appreciate investing in yourself, spoiling yourself with gifts that you know you'll love, and make any decision that you want without having to consult the happiness of a significant other. I guarantee that "Brad" didn't really want to brunch and go V-Day painting anyway. So embrace your singledom and all the freedoms that comes along with it.

4. Go out with your squad.

Your girls, Wolfpack, squad, home skillets, or whatever you call them; it doesn't matter, JUST CALL THEM! It can be really easy to become introverted and reclusive on a day catered to pairings. So pair together your favorite group of friends who have nothing but love for you and carpe diem!

Squad goals!

Squad goals!

5. Don't forget about GALentine's DAY!

Thanks for the idea Leslie Knope! On the 13th, have yourself an annual GALentine's Day celebration with your girls! It's about adopting the concept of Valentine's Day, but instead of a significant other, you admire the girls in your life that mean the most to you. So invite all of the women that you considers your besties, sisters, and support systems. The fun part is, you can even invite your friends who are in relationships that you may not see very often anymore. GALentine's day is for all women whether they be single, taken, married or DTF.

6. Get in formation.

Queen Bey has spoken! Now is the perfect time to get yourself and/or your life in formation. Meaning, that you have been called to achieve your highest level of greatness. This can mean something different to everyone. Maybe getting in formation for you means finally being okay with being in your single season, getting your finances in order, making a bucket list, or finally unpacking that suitcase from a vacation two years ago.

Whatever getting in formation means to you, understand that at the root of it all, it simply entails reaching your next level, while loving and accepting your genuinely flawed, amazing, and worthy of love self by seeing the beauty in every aspect of that journey.

Now let's get in formation! #ISLAY

And if no one else has told you yet, you are VALUABLE. Keep that head held high and live your life for YOU until that day comes when your singleness is over. After all you wouldn't want him to catch you with your crown slipping.

Happy Val(Gal)entine's Day!!!

XOXO -Britt