Pageants are a phenomenal outlets that promote self discover and growth. However, the truth still remains that they are also competitions. Many delegates enter pageants with the same goal in mind, to CAPTURE THE CROWN! Yes, we often say in interviews that we enter pageants to gain friendships and valuable life experiences whis is true; but who wouldn't want to walk away with the crown? Brittany Jana'e consulting is here to ensure that you are communicating yourself effectively to the judges, while also presenting yourself as the delegate worthy of the crown.

Even the most seasoned pageant competitors can benefit from pageant coaching.  Hey, even Gabby Douglas still works with coaches, and she took home the Gold!



Pageant Paperwork 

With the abundance of importance placed upon the on stage aspect of pageantry, it is easy to neglect one of the most imperative keys in your pageant success. The interview portion of the pageant is where the judges are given the opportunity to become acquainted with the delegates vying for crown. Think of the interview process as a job interview. Would you approach your dream job with a resume that is less than adequate? No! Your judge will have approximately 30 seconds to scan your delegate “biography (bio) sheet” or delegate “fact sheet”, before they must initiate the interview phase of the competition.

Therefore, it is significantly important that you reflect the best version of yourself on that crucial piece of paper. Together, we will construct your delegate bio sheet in a way that not only presents you appropriately to the judges, but it will also aid in molding the direction of your interview.


Skype session   

Beauty queens live very busy lives, and you are not the exception! However, you should never sacrifice your pageant prep at the expense of a hectic day at school or the office. Virtual interview consulting sessions are an effective way to receive the key tools necessary to placing you one step close to capturing that crown! One hour sessions will cover the construction of the interview competition, body language, how to effectively articulate answers, and how to answer questions that fall into the zone of ignorance.


Interview Bundle 

Included: Pageant bio sheet, two 1 hour Skype sessions

One of the most exciting things about pageantry are the various young women who come together for a weekend with a variety of goals in mind. The beginner’s bundle is a way to assist in ensuring that your individuality is communicated to the judges, so that you stand out! During our sessions we will walk through every aspect of the pageant that deals with public speaking and communicating. Bundles are offered as a value package and are perfect for beginners, or the pageant vet who would appreciate a refresher.  


Style Consulting

Competition wardrobe styling is one of the most important nonverbal aspects of pageantry. Your style is not only a conveyance of your personality, but it is also your first impression to the judges and pageant staff. Every system has their own unique taste in style preferences. Brittany Jana’e Consulting will allow your individual style to shine through while remaining within the realm of what is appropriate for your pageant system and age division. Brunch and gown shopping anyone?!


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