Queen’s PR

Final’s night has finally arrived, and the thunderous eruption of the crowd envelops the room as the crown is placed upon the head of the newly crowned queen. As a director, there is no better feeling than when your pageant has concluded successfully and you see the enthusiasm radiating from your newly crowned queen(s).As the dust settles, your new titleholder(s) must hit the ground running. After all, we’ve come to discover the exciting truth that pageantry is a full time job!

The appropriate media strategy, social media plan, and booking management will ensure that your organization and queens are visible and well branded.


Appearance Booking

One of the most unique aspects of pageantry, is the platforms and status that is immediately awarded to the queen the moment she is crowned. Instantly, she is in demand for appearances ranging from promotional, social, and philanthropic.

If you’re seeking to optimize and secure events for your queens, allow me to assist you with managing your events calendar, and ensuring that all components of your bookings are conducted flawlessly! The journey should be fun, and it is my greatest hope that we customize bookings that support the interests of your young ladies.



Sponsorship Development

Sponsors play an imperative role in the success of a pageant and the young ladies that compete within them. Logistically, pageants require an abundance of components that can impose a financial strain on the organization. Sponsorship offers directors and delegates the opportunity to gain exposure,while receiving tangible pageant necessities or a monetary donation in return.

Gaining a pageant sponsor begins with a well written proposal, and a concise goal for how your organization plans to promote and gain a following for your new potential sponsor.



Pageants thrive when there is a sufficient amount of delegates vying for titles. Although pageants are great enjoyment, we must still acknowledge that this is a business, and in order to hold a long lasting presence; generating a profit is imperative. The proper reputation and publicity will assist in generating a buzz about your organization.


Pageant Staffing

Being a director is no easy feat! Not only are you responsible for the experience of your contestants and their families, but you must also ensure that your event upholds a standard of integrity. Judges are a vital component to your pageant, as they will be picking the young ladies that will be representing your organization for an entire year!

I have 4 years of pageant experience, in addition to  judging a variety of pageants ranging in competitor’s ages 4-27. Holding the position of delegate and judge has given me a unique look into what it takes to host a successful judging panel.

You’ve done the hard work, now let me find you those perfect judges!


At Large Delegates

It is difficult to maneuver amongst queens that have the support of a director and team, when you essentially aren’t presented with the same opportunity. Let me be apart of your team, and assist you with building your brand presence, and event booking!