Making a Beauty Queen

When one thinks of what makes a dynamic Miss USA, you might immediately think that the women who compete for the coveted title are glamorous, beautiful, and trendy. Although all of these qualities are predominately true and expected amongst Miss USA hopefuls, this mentality is also limiting. The 52 young ladies vying for the title come from an array of intriguing backgrounds and origins. Amongst this year's competitors you will find a doctor, rugby player, and even a young woman who serves with our nation' army. 

Therefore, I love that Miss USA transformed a few of the delegates to showcase what truly makes a "beauty queen". We are introduced to each young woman featured in the video in her profession, favorite sport, or male dominated hobby and she is then transformed into a beautiful and confident queen. Standing strong in your passion regardless if it fits someone's stereotypical view of the beauty and pageant industry is essentially what makes Miss USA.

Thanks Miss USA for showcasing an array of beauty that makes women queens!

You can check out the video below!