Miss USA 2016 Top 15 Prediction

My top 15 prediction for Miss USA 2016 in alphabetical order.


Aside from performing strong on the stage, Peyton has such a big and charming personality, that I think the judges won't help but to love this sweet home Alabama girl. Come on down Alabama, welcome to the top 15!


California says that she was bred for pageantry. Considering that her mother was a former Miss USA delegate herself, and standing at 5'11, she must just be right! Nadia served face every time she hit the stage, AND she has legs for days. Strut on down to your placement California!

District of Columbia

Deshauna had a solid performance in both swimsuit and evening gown. You can tell that DC has come to win this year. This beauty also serves in the military, which could really add to her appeal in the interview portion of the competition. A girl that can serve her country, AND serve on the stage?! COME ON DOWN Miss District of Columbia!


I personally find Georgia to have one of the prettiest faces in the competition. We all know that the Southern States come to take it all on the national stage. I think her ability to embody the "girl next door", while also having the credentials to be a glamazon will fall in line with the new owner's direction of branding. Georgia, you're next...COME ON DOWN!


I can't even.... I just cant! Hawaii was an absolute show stopper during the preliminary competition, and her journey to the crown video portrayed her humble and philanthropic nature. She nailed her walk during each phase of the competition, and stole the show by wearing one of the top gowns of the evening. No need to say more, ALOHA HAWAII!


Illinois has really come through for the Midwest this year! Rarely do we think of midwestern girls as being exotic, but this first generation American with Lebanese and Egyptian origins is proving that the Midwest can bring more diversity to the USA stage. She performed consistently in each phase of the competition, and really shined in her evening gown, which I still believe was painted on to perfection!

On a personal and completely unbiased note (okay maybe a little biased HA) Zena is one of the most sweetest and down to earth girls that I have met in pageantry. In addition, she has worked tirelessly as Miss Illinois UA to ensure that she is the best representative she can be. She's that girl that you just want to brunch with... and who doesn't like brunch?! Make some Illi-NOISE (sorry I had to) and come on down Zena!!! #SLAY


Maryland never disappoints and this year is no different. Christina had great moments on stage, and her Journey to The Crown video will just make you fall in love with this contestant even more. Do you think she has Nana Meriwether on speed dial for tips? Come on down Maryland!



Nevada has such a multicultural look, that will serve amazing at the Miss Universe competition. Also, she has become a large advocate for speaking out in support fof families affected by substance abuse. She has the look, philanthropic drive, and the walk. See you in the top Nevada!

North Carolina 

Devin deserves a separate award just for being called to compete at a national competition at the last minute! She received the call to step into her role as Miss North Carolina at about 10:30 AM and was on the plane to Vegas by 8:00 PM that evening. She has made the transition look effortless, which is a skill that Miss USA needs. And hey, her amazing performance doesn't hurt either. And my next spot goes to.....NORTH CAROLINA!


Ohio came to win this year! Each time this beauty takes the stage she is ON!!! I can't compare her look to any other contestant, which is going to help her remain memorable to the judges. She is a first grade teacher, and honey she is walking like she has some girl's to school in serving. Oh...hi Ohio, come on doooown!


Who else thought to look for Oklahoma completely on the fact that Olivia brought the title home to their state last year? I always wonder how a state follows up a win. I enjoyed watching Taylor, and I can't find a reason why she wouldn't place. You're next Oklahoma!

South Dakota

I don't think I have ever personally cheered or picked out a delegate from South Dakota, and there is a first for everything. I believe that South Dakota can go far this year. She performed tremendously, and shut down the evening gown competition with a couture selection from Lebanese designer Tony Ward. See you Sunday South Dakota!


Texas always comes prepared for pageants as they're infamously known for coming out of the womb competing. Daniella's look will serve her tremendously at Miss Universe, and being the only Mexican American delegate this year offers her a chance to be a stand out. Never underestimate Texas...come on down Daniella! 


YAAAAAS in the name of everything that is Black Girl Magic! Virginia did not come to play, but to slay. Her face changed with ease and she gave us a little excitement, flirt, and elegance with each look. Did anyone else have to catch their breath or clutch their pearls watching her compete in swimsuit? She served eyes, body, AND turns. Twirl to your spot queen! 


1) Her face is striking! 2) She walks with such an unbelievable confidence 3) She CAME THROUGH for the Midwest! Wisconsin, take your spot!