Brittany Janae Public Relations and Consulting, Inc. is a boutique firm focused on implementing personalized strategies to appease the needs of clientele spanning across various industries. Offering expertise in event management, social media strategies, web design, publicity, pageant consultancy, and product launches, Brittany Jana’e PR holds a network capable of making goals come to fruition.

Consultancy was created as a component to Brittany Jana’e Public Relations in order to assist pageant delegates and pageant directors with branding and event management.

Brittany Jana’e Middlebrooks is the founder of Brittany Jana’e Public Relations and Consulting, Incorporated.


Over the summer of  2014, her determination and hard work paid off when she was crowned Miss Illinois United States! Prior to achieving this accolade, she attained her bachelor’s degree in public relations from DePaul University. Quickly realizing the value in her year as a titleholder, she began implementing social media strategies, event booking/management, and public relation endeavors on her own behalf.

It wasn’t long before she realized that there was a lack of resources for pageant titleholders in Illinois. After reflecting upon her own year as a state pageant representative, and researching the industry, she decided to create the missing link to assist fellow delegates throughout their pageant journey. Thus the consulting component of Brittany Jana’e PR was created. Consulting services are offered to the niche market of pageant girls who need assistance with branding, competition and event management.

A native of Chicago, Middlebrooks utilized her year of service as a way to connect with non profits organizations throughout the city. After losing her grandfather to Alzheimer’s disease, she became a champion for advocacy. With a desire to be a component of something bigger than herself, she secured a segment on Fox 32 News, and urged Illinois residents to journey to Springfield for Lobby Day with the Alzheimer's Association of Illinois. Utilizing her background in public relations to support her philanthropic passion was the perfect way for her to honor her grandfather.

In addition to being an enthusiast of communication, Middlebrooks has a passion for writing and hosts several blogs covering the industries of fashion, pageantry, beauty, food, lifestyle, and travel. Here she shares her insights on top trends and products that she personally stands behind, while also offering advice to aspiring beauty queens.

With a love of traveling, chilaquiles, and practicing American Sign Language, this budding entrepreneur can’t wait to take on her next challenge!